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Property Valuation Report

The Property Valuation Report provides comprehensive, transparent, and in-depth analysis of a particular real estate property as well as it covers comparative market analysis. This provides the investors a good picture of the subject property’s financial health as well how it stands in comparison to other similar properties within the market. It includes detailed financial information, such as capital investment, debt, revenue, operating expense, net operating income, annual cash flows and annual returns. The Property Valuation Report also includes pro forma, projected resale value representation in graphic charts and rate of return table. This report is customizable according to the specific client’s needs and requirements. See attached sample Property Valuation Report.

Vandana is an excellent research manager. She is methodical and complete in her work and adds a lot of value to the process. If she has a question, she will ask, rather than guess what is required. I would highly recommend her to others in need of her services.“–Craig Lemle, Senior Managing Director, Studley

Office Market Overview Report

The Office Market Overview Report covers office market analysis which includes economic, employment and wages data as well to give a full overview of the relevant office market. Office Market Analysis Report includes vacancy, sales, and leasing activity. We analyze the data provided by clients then prepare office market report for those clients who need market analysis report for their internal use and client base. See attached sample snapshot of Market Report.

It was a pleasure to work with Vandana, she is very nice and gentle. She introduced the latest innovative marketing tools to capture the buyers’ attention. The 3D walk-thru led to the property being featured in a New York Times article which brought us further publicity. She kept track of the market signals throughout the process and kept me abreast of it, which helped me immensely in determining the market value. Vandana negotiated skillfully with buyers in my interest. Her insights were not only helpful in adding value to the apartment, but also enhanced the overall value of the building. Her commitment and skillful handling made it easy for me. Vandana is conscientious, attentive, hard-working, and extremely knowledgeable in market analysis and property valuation. I highly recommend Vandana to bring added value to any real estate listing in the New York City area.” —Barbara L.