The Five Ws: My Professional Life

I know you must be keenly waiting for the market update. While the New York City Finance Department is working on collecting and entering all the 2018 data, I thought it might be good if I share my professional life story with you, to give you more confidence in trusting me with your real estate needs.

As you know well, I am a licensed real estate professional, but unlike Donald Trump this isn’t my family business. An adventurous journey brought me to this destination. Today, I will share with you the story of my professional life. It began with WHAT, my dad wanted me to be a teacher while my mind was set to be a librarian. I had to pay a huge price for it, but it was worth it

The next question is WHY! Dad wanted me to be a teacher, be a homebody, so he could shield me from the big, scary, ugly world. Whereas, I wanted to be surrounded by a treasure trove of books, hence librarianship was irresistible to me. I sure prevailed, although my dad took a vow of silence that lasted for a month; it was very tortuous, still preferable over being homebody.

Now let’s go over WHERE:Soon after graduation, I got abundant opportunities one after another where I was entrusted with boxes full of books to organize. I started from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Lucknow my hometown, then moved on to Uptron Color Picture Tubes company formed in collaboration with Toshiba Japan in New Delhi. Then I got a wonderful opportunity at Tata Unisys where I saw computer the first time in my life. I created a unique classification and cataloging system for computer manuals, which was deployed nationally throughout the company.

While working at Tata Unisys, I got access to a wonderful library at the world famous, Indian Institute of Technology where I studied books on online information retrieval by Salton and Lancaster and it became my dream and passion. My zealous desire to gain expertise in online information retrieval brought me to the United States of America. I pursued library science at Clarion University of Pennsylvania with the goal of finding job in corporate world which I was familiar with. 

I was so keenly aggressive in pursuing online information retrieval that I was informed by the powers that be that “you are in the wrong place, we have nothing to offer, you should enroll in Ph. D. program.” I came to the university under the impression that I will receive financial aid, because I had only one semester’s worth money for a three semesters program. I was so mad and upset that I have already burned my boats, now they are telling me that I am in the wrong place. Never mind, I had no alternative, so I dug in my heels and slaved during summer semester doing all kinds of odd jobs at Ocean City, MD. With god’s grace I earned sufficient sum to complete my studies gracefully in no time.

Now comes the biggest shock of my life. Empowered with online information retrieval system knowledge, I was floating on the ninth cloud aspiring to be a corporate worker bee. Alas, without green card, only America’s vast public library system was ready to welcome me with open arms. I worked for the Brooklyn Public Library – sponsor of my green card, for long, arduous 6.5 years, and learned a lot. Soon as I got the green card, it was time for hasta la vista baby. This caterpillar transformed into a butterfly and joined corporate sector. 

I had such fun with my wings wide spread I enjoyed fluttering around like a butterfly. I had a wide span of research and analytics career from advertising to pharmaceutical to finance sector then I finally settled in real estate sector at Studley. Again, my keen desire to understand the real estate industry led me to New York University’s professional certificate in Real Estate Finance & Investment. And that became the game changer. My earnest burning desire to utilize my hard-earned knowledge brought me to real estate brokerage.

As I look in the rearview, I find that education and knowledge has always been the catalyst at each step in my career graph. 

HOW: I joined real estate brokerage industry where sphere of influence is key to the kingdom. Poor me, only the lonely without any rolodex, barely armed with my knowledge I jumped into this vast ocean and started swimming with sharks. Still by sheer grunt work, I managed to secure my first exclusive to sell a MANHATTAN property within four months. From there on it’s just been deals galore. I earn and serve my business with my property valuation skills.. The last bastion is WHEN – the bane of my life. I never know when, the only way I cope with it is himmat na hariye, bisariye na ram ko, which literally means have faith! don’t give up, in reverse order.
If you know of anyone interested in finding the value of their property, please let me know.