Self reliance

One of my good friends recently said that a thought is not complete unless it is a trilogy.  I shared with you the information about robo advisory services and microinvesting apps recently.  If you don’t mind, I would like to share my final thought on this issue. Last week, I was very depressed to read the article in the Wall Street Journal, how the baby boomers are struggling with debt.  This is the generation that made more money than anyone before, yet there’s a lot to be said about frivolous spending habits. 

Another issue I wonder is, whether we, keenly desirous of gainful employment, are paying heed to our nation’s collective best interest. I have been pondering on these two issues and am working on how to inculcate a culture of self reliance.  America is a great country, the nation of entrepreneurs, why do we need to rely on someone else for our livelihood?  My best source of inspiration is the Mexican woman who sells Tamalis in front of 60th Street and Lexington early in the morning.  If she could do it simply by relying on her meager resources, so can we.  Can’t we? Once I have figured out the plan, I will share it with you.  With all your help, I am sure we can get back on track of self reliance.